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John Thornton is the driving creative force behind a company he started alone from ground up in May of 2000, a company that achieved national recognition in a few months. Thornton has come a long way from owning a local night club to being the CEO and President of a highly successful retail enterprise. Within 18 months, he started from meager beginnings, selling clothing out of the trunk of his car, to turning John Thornton's Fosho’ Clothing into a nationwide powerhouse. 


Thornton reported, "In 2003, Fosho’ Clothing posted sales of 21 million dollars making it one of the fastest growing, independently owned clothing companies. 


Thornton asserts, “God has truly blessed me with vision, wisdom and the ability to overcome set back. 


When asked, " what drives you and how do you maintain your focus", Thornton responded, " I am a very determined person and no matter how many times I fall, I get right back up. I truly believe that anything, and I mean anything, can be achieved with hard work determination and most of all sacrifice.


Being an entrepreneur is not easy. I take my hat off to all self-employed businessmen and women because I truly feel their struggle. For that reason, I have learned to keep striving and by all means not quitting because Thornton Enterprise, Fosho’ and all my business ventures ride on the shoulders of a man who does not know the meaning of failure.”



John Thornton-CEO

Thornton Enterprise











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